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This limited-edition replica of Thorin's Map is an exquisite piece of art, each of which is hand-made by calligrapher and artist Daniel Reeve, the creator of the original prop used in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The reverse of the map is colored black, except for the outlines of the famous Moon Runes that play a part in the story. This allows you to see the runes when the map is held up against the light or framed with back lighting. The story behind each map: Daniel has scanned his original map and digitally printed it on the same high-quality watercolor paper used in the films. Daniel explains the choice of paper: "The Map is made on 190gsm Rough S&W watercolor paper, which has a lovely surface for painting, with a nicely random tooth. Care must be taken when doing calligraphy on this surface, as the texture can easily catch the nib, or guide it in unintended directions!" Daniel then proceeds to 'break down' the map. Breaking down is the art of giving the prop believability, adding a history to it and making it look real. Daniel painstakingly applies every crease and every wrinkle by hand, 'distressing' the paper to achieve an authentic looking prop replica. In this way, each individual map is the work of one man and totally unique. Available in strictly limited supply, each map includes a printed Certificate of Authenticity signed by hand by Daniel Reeve. It ships folded in a vinyl bag in a plain cardboard box for protection. Dimensions: 12.6"L x 16.3"W.
Price: 199.95

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